Our services are typically offered for students from year 9 to year 12. We offer two types of tuition services for private online one-on-one tutoring; the fast-forward program and the traditional program. These programs cater for different student needs, and the tutor will recommend the best program for our students based on their level of mathematical ability. The fast-forward program caters for students who are excelling with their current work and would like to prepare for VCE mathematics sooner, whereas the traditional program caters for students who need help to consolidate the work they are currently doing. More information for both these programs is provided below.


Fast-forward program

The fast-forward program is an exclusive initiative by Tutor Melbourne, where we give them the opportunity for talented students in mathematics to ‘fast-forward’ their education. We do this by teaching them VCE material sooner. Students will have a dedicated Zoom room where they will meet up with their tutor once a week for one hour, where the tutor teaches a specialized course to help younger students with VCE mathematics. Studies show that multiple exposures to the same information greatly increases the likelihood to absorb and understand the information. We utilise this at a time in their schooling with reduced performance pressure. This not only helps student performance in mathematics, but also gives them more time to focus on other VCE subjects, as well as reducing performance stress and anxiety. 




Our traditional program is designed for students who require assistance with the work they are currently doing in class. It is designed to help with conceptual understanding of topics, many worked examples, collaborative problem solving techniques, and a discussion of the different types of questions that may be asked in this topic. Our tutors have a rich background in mathematics and are well placed to offer this level of guidance to students. Students will have a dedicated Zoom room where they will meet up with their tutor once a week for one hour, to discuss current issues they are having with the work in the mathematics classroom. Tutors will focus on these problematic areas and aim to strengthen student understanding with these topics.



Many students choose our hybrid program, which is a combination of both the traditional and the fast-forward program. In this program, typically half the class is used to consolidating current knowledge, whereas the other half of the class is used to teach the students concepts from the fast-forward program. Students still get access to their own Zoom room, and classes occur once a week for one hour.


While the prominent service that we offer is one-on-one tutoring, we also offer online group tutoring at a discounted rate. Please get in touch with us directly at info@tutormelbourne.com.au for more details.


We charge $55 an hour for our services, which includes access to a personalized Zoom room, access to notes and a weekly class (for traditional, fast-forward or hybrid program). Our classes are subject to availability, and spots are typically very limited. Express your interest by filling out the details below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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