We are a tutoring establishment, whose first priority is to get the most out of every student seeking our services. In line with the technological era, we are a fully operable online business, using Zoom to run our tuition service. We have a specialised team of passionate educators, with varying backgrounds, striving to impart knowledge and properly educate our students.




  • Raw study score of 41 in Unit 3&4 Mathematical Methods.
  • Raw study score of 38 in Unit 3&4 Specialist Mathematics.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Science (2012 – 2014), with a double Major in Applied Mathematics and a Major in Physics at Monash University.
  • Graduated Honours (H1, 2015) in Statistical Mechanics – Research and coursework, in the Mathematics department at Monash University.
  • Completion of Doctorate degree “Self-avoiding Walk Models on Mean-Field Graphs”, in the Mathematics department at Monash University.
  • Tutored first and second year university students in Mathematics (Linear Algebra and Calculus) at Monash University.
  • One on one Unit 3&4 Mathematical Methods tutoring for six years.

Abrahim Nasrawi

Abrahim is the founder of Tutor Melbourne, and a very passionate educator. He excelled at high school through persistence, hard work, and an early VCE education via the fast-forward program. He achieved a 95+ ATAR, excelling in VCE mathematics and physics. Pursuing a Bachelor of Science with Honours at Monash University, he excelled further in mathematics and physics, by completing a double major degree in applied mathematics, and a major degree in physics. In the following year, Abrahim graduated with H1 honours in Mathematical Physics. Abrahim worked in technology consulting for one and a half years, before discovering his true passion.

Abrahim went on to do his PhD in mathematics. During his time, he has tutored several students one-on-one in mathematics, both face to face and online. He has also tutored university mathematics since 2015. It was through these experiences, and the edification of watching student transformations, that he became interested in tutoring. He has completed his PhD, and is currently studying his Masters of teaching in 2022.

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